Mocam RCCTV ~VeMo

Mocam Technology Services Limited latest re-deployable solution incorporates  Vemotion technology that is specifically designed to deliver live real-time video and audio over mobile networks easily and to high standards of performance.

Vemotion solutions are enabled with highly efficient optimised video compression and transmission technology. This differentiates them within the marketplace, along with ease of use, rock solid performance, and multiple deployment packages.

Vemotion technology is highly reliable and dos not require any specialist SIM cards or expensive airtime contracts. Furthermore, allowing you to control the bandwidth used at any time means you are in complete control.

Supporting full and independent remote control for each connected IP or analogue cameras such as the |Mocam RCCTV at the front end, the standout feature is the amazing low latency and sheer high quality of the images at efficient bitrates – seldom seen on standard video associated with Wireless Video solutions.

Vemotion software gives you the choice of the resolution and frame rate you wish to transmit, dependant on the bandwidth of the bearer of your choice. Vemotion enables you to switch dynamically between low and high bandwidth video streams dependant on the networks capability, adjusting the video quality to suit.

All transmitted streams can be encrypted and each of the products below offers customers a perfect combination of capabilities for each given deployment scenario. In principle they all work in the same way, and can be used together, but offer some difference of characteristics so you can tailor your solution specific to your requirements.

Sheffield Ve Mo trial installjpg

Sheffield VeMo Triial close upjpg